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By K. Rachedi, J. de Rosny, Y. Kokar, D. T. Phan Huy, and A. Ourir

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Reconfigrable antennas that are able to provide a high spatial diversity are increasingly adopted in many wireless applications. An original design of a planar printed compact antenna that achieves an electronically controlled beam steering by using metamaterial hybridization is presented in this paper. The designed antenna, made of coupled split ring resonators, is able to switch between 8 radiation patterns steering in 8 different directions at the working frequency of 2.45 GHz. The spatial diversity is assessed from the analysis of the correlation matrix between the patterns. This concept would provide a promising and compact alternative for low power telecommunication systems.

K. Rachedi, J. de Rosny, Y. Kokar, D. T. Phan Huy, and A. Ourir, "Beam Steering Reconfigurable Compact Antenna Based on Hybridization Between Split Ring Resonators," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 91, 189-196, 2020.

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