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By G. Tytko

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This paper presents a method for calculating the air-cored coil impedance with the employment of a mathematical model of an ideal filamentary coil. The proposed algorithm enables assigning, in a very quick way, each cylindrical air-cored coil to the corresponding filamentary coil using only two equivalent parameters. The first of them is the radius of the coil, whereas the second one is the distance between the coil and the surface of the tested material. The changes both in the parameters of the system under consideration and in the tested material bring about the same change in the impedance of the air-cored coil and the corresponding filamentary coil. This property brings a lot of advantages, since it allows using simpler final formulas for the filamentary coil and performing the calculations in a much shorter time, while obtaining the same results as in the case of the air-cored coil. At the same time, the creation of the scale of the measuring instrument and its calibration becomes far simpler since it is based on only two equivalent parameters.

G. Tytko, "Fast Method of Calculating the Air-Cored Coil Impedance Using the Filamentary Coil Model," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 91, 101-109, 2020.

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