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By K. Kumar Naik, S. Chaithanya Satya Teja, B. V. S. Sailaja, and P. A. V. Sri

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This paper presents the design of flexible parasitic element patch (FPEP) antenna with defects on ground plane at ISM band for biomedical application. The antenna resonates at 2.46 GHz frequency with reflection coefficient of -16.8 GHz in free space and at 2.45 GHz frequency when being placed on cotton and the single layer skin tissue of human body. The proposed parasitic element patch antenna is used to measure the body temperature, and the specific absorption rate (SAR) of the proposed antennas is 1.0 W/kg. The measurement data with respect to reflection coefficient, and radiation pattern are presented.

K. Kumar Naik, S. Chaithanya Satya Teja, B. V. S. Sailaja, and P. A. V. Sri, "Design of Flexible Parasitic Element Patch Antenna for Biomedical Application," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 94, 143-153, 2020.

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