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BI-Anisotropic Particles and Chiral Inclusions for Highly-Efficient Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting

By Hemn Younesiraad and Mohammad Bemani
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 93, 67-76, 2020


We present an analytical analysis of a metasurface-based ambient electromagnetic energy harvesting system in which the bi-anisotropic particles loaded with a resistor are used. The proposed metasurface composed of an array of bi-anisotropic particles referred to as an electromagnetic energy harvester that can capture the ambient incident electromagnetic wave energy with a radiative to AC conversation efficiency of around 100%. The captured energy by metasurface is delivered to the load. The load acts as the input impedance of a rectification circuit in a rectenna system. The derived optimal polarizable inclusions can be applied to design bi-anisotropic metasurfaces which can be used for electromagnetic energy harvesting. Finally, the optimal dimensions of a typical chiral structure have been calculated to achieve maximum efficiency for circularly polarized propagating waves.


Hemn Younesiraad and Mohammad Bemani, "BI-Anisotropic Particles and Chiral Inclusions for Highly-Efficient Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 93, 67-76, 2020.


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