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By S. Simion

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In this paper, a new cross section configuration of partially dielectric-filled rectangular waveguide (PDF-RW) is proposed and analyzed. It may beused when substrate integrated waveguides (SIWs) are designed such as to maximize the frequency bandwidth for insertion losses as low as possible. Imposing the boundary conditions for the electromagnetic field components, the equations for the cutoff frequencies and propagation constants are developed for the TEm0 modes. It is shown that the cutoff frequency equations developed in this paper may also be used to analyze particular cases investigated by other authors. The ratio between the cutoff frequencies of the TE20 and TE10 modes is computed and represented graphically for different geometric dimensions of the proposed PDF-RW configuration. The conductor and dielectric losses for the TE10 mode are computed as well, based on the results provided by the equations developed in this paper. The results obtained by using the proposed approach are compared to the HFSS (High-Frequency Structure Simulator) results, and very good agreement is observed between them.

S. Simion, "Partially Dielectric-Filled Rectangular Waveguide Configuration, Proposed for Broadband and Low Loss Substrate Integrated Waveguides Design," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 94, 73-82, 2020.

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