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By K. S. L. Parvathi, S. R. Gupta, and P. P. Bhavarthe

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This paper presents a novel compact multilayer meander strip line step-via electromagnetic band-gap (MLSV-EBG) structure with the application of mutual coupling reduction in a multilayer multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna. The proposed EBG-cell has been developed by using multilayer, novel meander strip line, and step-via concept. To analyse the proposed EBG a parallel LC model method is used. In the proposed MLSV-EBG structure, due to step-via concept, current path length increases, and compactness is achieved per unit cell. Parametric study is also presented. MLSV-EBG structure unit cell is simulated using ANSYS high frequency structure simulator (HFSS), and 5X5 cells are printed on an FR4 substrate for band-gap measurements. Simulated and measured results prove that compared with three-layer central located via EBG (CLV-EBG) and edge located via EBG (ELV-EBG), size reductions of 47.01% and 43.01% have been achieved, respectively, which shows that step via concept gives the significant size reduction per unit multilayer EBG cell. The application of proposed MLSV-EBG for the reduction of mutual coupling between two multilayer MIMO antennas is also demonstrated. The key contribution of the presented work is that the proposed compact multi-layer EBG structure is useful in a multi-layer environment at a lower frequency.

K. S. L. Parvathi, S. R. Gupta, and P. P. Bhavarthe, "A Novel Compact Electromagnetic Band Gap Structure to Reduce the Mutual Coupling in Multilayer MIMO Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 94, 167-177, 2020.

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