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2022-08-10 PIER Letters Vol. 106, 7-14, 2022. doi:10.2528/PIERL22022105

G -Band Sub-Harmonic Mixer with Broadband Bandwidth and Low Conversion Loss

Yang Xiong

In this paper, two G-band sub-harmonic mixers based on planar antiparallel Schottky diodes are presented. The proposed type-I mixer is designed using the conversional THz Schottky diode mixer circuit architecture. In order to broaden the bandwidth further, a novel type-II sub-harmonic mixer based on new circuit topology is proposed. In type-II mixer, an antiparallel Schottky diodes chip is directly connected with metal ground using silver epoxy. The simulated results show that single-sideband (SSB) conversion loss of type-II mixer is less than 10 dB in the frequency range of 160-194.8 GHz. For validation, the type-I mixer is fabricated and tested. Measurement results show that single-sideband conversion loss of type-I mixer is basically less than 10.7 dB in the frequency range of 166-190 GHz.

2022-08-09 PIER Letters Vol. 106, 1-6, 2022. doi:10.2528/PIERL22021104

Multi-Probe Sensor for Water Content Diagnosis of Liquid Biofuels

Florian Sparma, Bayan Tallawi, Eric Georgin, and Pierre Sabouroux

A multi-probe sensor for water content analysis, in liquid biofuels, by using reflection and transmission measurements in microwave frequencies range, is proposed in this letter. As preliminary step and for a better understanding, the measurements were carried out with ethanol/water mixtures, which mimic bioethanol applications, at room temperature. In order to study water/alcohol mixtures, each of them was characterized using classical techniques like open ended coaxial probe or reflection/transmission coaxial line, before being tested in multi-probe sensors. At the end, the multi-probe sensor aims to be implemented in-line production in order to perform diagnosis of water in liquid biofuels.