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Excitation and Reception of Electromagnetic, Magnetostatic and Spin Waves in Ferrite Films

By S. V. Zagriadski and S. Choi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 35, 183-216, 2002


The paper presents a new universal formulation of electromagnetic fields in microwave ferrite-dielectric waveguiding structures from the given magnetic field distribution of an external source. The solution is derived from the linearized Landau-Lifshits equation using an orthogonality condition for eigenwaves of a magnetization. The magnetization excited in ferrite is obtained in an electrodynamic, magnetostatic or dipole-exchange approximation, depending on the approximation used for eigenwaves. Results are applied for the formulation and the analytical solution of self-consistent electrodynamic problems of an excitation and a reception of waves in ferrite films by transmission lines of an arbitrary type. Numerical calculations are performed for filters and delay lines on the base of symmetric strip-lines using surface and forward volume magnetostatic waves in ferrite films.


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S. V. Zagriadski and S. Choi, "Excitation and Reception of Electromagnetic, Magnetostatic and Spin Waves in Ferrite Films," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 35, 183-216, 2002.


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