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An FFT-Accelerated FDTD Scheme with Exact Absorbing Conditions for Characterizing Axially Symmetric Resonant Structures

By Kostyantyn Sirenko, Vadim Pazynin, Yuriy K. Sirenko, and Hakan Bagci
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 111, 331-364, 2011


An accurate and efficient finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method for characterizing transient waves interactions on axially symmetric structures is presented. The method achieves its accuracy and efficiency by employing localized and/or fast Fourier transform (FFT) accelerated exact absorbing conditions (EACs). The paper details the derivation of the EACs, discusses their implementation and discretization in an FDTD method, and proposes utilization of a blocked-FFT based algorithm for accelerating the computation of temporal convolutions present in nonlocal EACs. The proposed method allows transient analyses to be carried for long time intervals without any loss of accuracy and provides reliable numerical data pertinent to physical processes under resonant conditions. This renders the method highly useful in characterization of high-Q microwave radiators and energy compressors. Numerical results that demonstrate the accuracy and efficiency of the method are presented.


Kostyantyn Sirenko, Vadim Pazynin, Yuriy K. Sirenko, and Hakan Bagci, "An FFT-Accelerated FDTD Scheme with Exact Absorbing Conditions for Characterizing Axially Symmetric Resonant Structures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 111, 331-364, 2011.


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