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Ultrabroadband Diode-Like Asymmetric Transmission and High-Efficiency Cross-Polarization Conversion Based on Composite Chiral Metamaterial

By Yongzhi Cheng, Jing-Cheng Zhao, Xuesong Mao, and Rongzhou Gong
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 160, 89-101, 2017


In this paper, a three layer composite chiral metamaterial (CCMM) is proposed to achieve diode-like asymmetric transmission and high-efficiency cross-polarization conversion by 90° polarization rotation with ultrabroadband range simultaneously in microwave region, which was verified by simulation and experiment. This CCMM is composed of a disk-split-ring (DSR) structure sandwiched between two twisted sub-wavelength metal grating structures. The simulation agrees well with experiment in principle. The simulation results indicate that the incident y(x)-polarized wave propagation along the -z (+z) direction through the CCMM slab is still linearly polarized wave with high purity, but the polarization direction is rotated by ± 90°, and the polarization conversion ratio (PCR) is greater than 90% in the frequency range of 4.36-14.91 GHz. In addition, in the above frequency range, the asymmetric transmission coefficient (Δlin) and the total transmittance (Tx) for x-polarized wave propagation along the -z axis direction are both over 0.8. Finally, the above experiment and simulation results were further verified by the electric field distribution characteristics of the CCMM unit-cell structure. Our design will provide an important reference for the practical applications of the CCMM for polarization manipulation.


Yongzhi Cheng, Jing-Cheng Zhao, Xuesong Mao, and Rongzhou Gong, "Ultrabroadband Diode-Like Asymmetric Transmission and High-Efficiency Cross-Polarization Conversion Based on Composite Chiral Metamaterial," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 160, 89-101, 2017.


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