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Vol. 05

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PIER Vol. 05, 589-624, 1991.

Application of Conjugate Gradient Method for Optimum Array Processing

PIER Vol. 05, 567-588, 1991.

A Survey of Various Conjugate Gradient Algorithms for Iterative Solution of the Largest/Smallest Eigenvalue and Eigenvector of a Symmetric Matrix

PIER Vol. 05, 539-565, 1991.

Determination of the Phase Constant of Closed Transmission Line Systems Using the Finite Difference and the Conjugate Gradient Method

PIER Vol. 05, 455-538, 1991.

Iterative Techniques for the Solution of Integral Equations in Transient Electromagnetic Scattering

PIER Vol. 05, 423-454, 1991.

Iterative Methods for Inverse Problems

PIER Vol. 05, 391-422, 1991.

Near-Field to Far-Field Transformation Utilizing the Conjugate Gradient Method

PIER Vol. 05, 351-389, 1991.

Buried, 2-D Penetrable Objects Illuminated by Line Sources: FFT-Based Iterative Computations of the Anomalous Field

PIER Vol. 05, 329-350, 1991.

Application of the Discrete Fourier Transform Method to Plate Problems

PIER Vol. 05, 301-327, 1991.

Analysis of Finite Sized Conducting Patches in Multilayer Media Using the Cg-FFT Method and Discretizing Green's Function in the Spectral Domain

PIER Vol. 05, 241-300, 1991.

Numerical Implementations of the Conjugate Gradient Method and the Cg-FFT for Electromagnetic Scattering

PIER Vol. 05, 159-239, 1991.

Applications of the Conjugate Gradient FFT Method to Radiation and Scattering

PIER Vol. 05, 131-158, 1991.

Comparison of Convergence Rates of the Conjugate Gradient Method Applied to Various Integral Equation Formulations

PIER Vol. 05, 103-129, 1991.

Derivation, Application, and Conjugate Gradient Solution of Dual-Surface Integral Equations for Three-Dimensional, Multi-Wavelength Perfect Conductors

PIER Vol. 05, 67-102, 1991.

Iterative Methods for Solving Integral Equations

PIER Vol. 05, 27-65, 1991.

Iterative Schemes Based on Minimization of a Uniform Error Criterion

PIER Vol. 05, 1-25, 1991.

From Reaction Concept to Conjugate Gradient: Have We Made Any Progress?