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Vol. 33

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PIER Vol. 33, 299-331, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER01022603

Modeling of Rectangular Waveguide Junctions Containing Cylindrical Posts

PIER Vol. 33, 261-298, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER01012902

Plane Wave Scattering by an Achiral Multilayered Sphere in an Infinitely Extended Chiral Host Medium

PIER Vol. 33, 237-259, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER01012103

The Influence of the Finite Size of the Illuminated Area on Electromagnetic Scattering from Surfaces with and Without Slicks

PIER Vol. 33, 219-235, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER01012102

Analytical Asymptotic Extraction Technique for the Analysis of Bend Discontinuity

PIER Vol. 33, 199-218, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER01010301

Numerical Analysis of Scattered Power from a Layer of Random Medium Containing Many Particles of High Dielectric Constant -- Application to the Detection of a Water Content of Soil --

PIER Vol. 33, 183-197, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER01021202

Diffraction of Scalar Pulses at Plane Apertures: a Different Approach

PIER Vol. 33, 167-182, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER00121402

Null Steering of Linear Antenna Arrays Using a Modified Tabu Search Algorithm

PIER Vol. 33, 141-165, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER00120802

Multilayered Media Green's Functions for Mpie with General Electric and Magnetic Sources by the Hertz Potential Approach

PIER Vol. 33, 119-139, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER00101203

Dynamics of Gaussian and Super-Gaussian Solitons in Birefringent Optical Fibers

PIER Vol. 33, 97-118, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER00122803

Bandwidth Enhancement for Split Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antennas

PIER Vol. 33, 69-96, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER00071802

On the Pulse Velocity in Absorbing and Nonlinear Media and Parallels with the Quantum Mechanics

PIER Vol. 33, 45-68, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER00102401

Probabilistic Response of a Transmission Line in a Dissipative Medium Excited by an Oblique Plane Wave

PIER Vol. 33, 29-43, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER00091501

FDTD Analysis of Stacked Microstrip Antenna with High Gain

PIER Vol. 33, 1-28, 2001. doi:10.2528/PIER00112005

Comparison of Luebbers' and Maliuzhinets' Wedge Diffraction Coefficients in Urban Channel Modelling