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Determination of the Fresnel Reflection Coefficient of a Half-Space for Medium Estimation Purposes

By Raffaele Solimene, Francesco Soldovieri, and Antonietta D'Alterio
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 27, 61-82, 2011


A novel procedure for estimating the Fresnel reflection coefficient of a transversally homogeneous half-space medium is introduced. GPR multistatic measurements are exploited as data whereas the Fresnel coefficient (as a function of the incidence angle) is retrieved by inverting a linear integral equation. Having estimated the reflection coefficient it can be exploited to determine the medium electromagnetic parameters. Numerical examples are used to show procedure effectiveness for different types of homogeneous half-space media within a two-dimensional scalar geometry. The case of a layered half-space is also discussed.


Raffaele Solimene, Francesco Soldovieri, and Antonietta D'Alterio, "Determination of the Fresnel Reflection Coefficient of a Half-Space for Medium Estimation Purposes," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 27, 61-82, 2011.


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