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Characterization of Magnetically Loaded Microwave Absorbers

By Irena Zivkovic and Axel Murk
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 33, 277-289, 2011


This work presents new method, retrieved results and validation for complex and frequency dependent permittivity and permeability parameter extraction of two composite, homogeneous and isotropic magnetically loaded microwave absorbers. Permittivities and permeabilities are extracted from free space transmission measurements for frequencies from 22 up to 140 GHz. For validation of the results reflection measurements (samples with and without metal backing) are performed and are compared with simulations that use extracted models. The proposed new method solves some shortcomings of the popular methods: extracts both permittivity and permeability only from transmission parameter measurements, gives good results even with noisy data, does not need initial guesses of unknown model parameters.


Irena Zivkovic and Axel Murk, "Characterization of Magnetically Loaded Microwave Absorbers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 33, 277-289, 2011.


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