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Planar Inductor Design for High Power Applications

By Abdullah Eroglu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 35, 53-67, 2011


Design, simulation, and implementation of low profile microstrip spiral inductors for high power Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) applications at the high frequency (HF-3-30 MHz) range are given for the first time. An accurate analytical model and algorithm have been developed to determine the simplified lumped element equivalent model parameters for spiral inductor and its physical dimensions. Five different spiral inductors are then simulated with a planar electromagnetic simulator using the physical dimensions obtained for the desired inductance values with the analytical method. The implementation method and substrate selection for spiral inductors at the HF range are given in detail for high power applications. The spiral inductors are then constructed on 100 mil Alumina substrate and measured with network analyzer. It is found that analytical, simulation and measurement results are in close agreement and the analytical method and algorithm that have been developed can be used to accurately determine the physical dimensions, and the resonant frequency of the spiral inductor for the desired inductance value.


Abdullah Eroglu, "Planar Inductor Design for High Power Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 35, 53-67, 2011.


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