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Generation of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Wave by Injection of COLD Electron for Relativistic and Non- Relativistic Subtracted BI-Maxwellian Distribution with Perpendicular AC Electric Field for Magnetosphere of Uranus

By Rama Pandey and Rajbir Kaur
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 45, 337-352, 2012


Effect of cold electron beam for Whistler mode waves have been studied for relativistic and non- relativistic subtracted bi-Maxwellian distribution and in the presence of perpendicular AC electric field to magnetic field by using the method of characteristic solutions and kinetic approach. The detailed derivation and calculations has been done for dispersion relation and growth rate for magnetosphere of Uranus. Parametric analysis has been done by changing plasma parameters: thermal velocity, ac frequency, temperature anisotropy etc. The effect of AC frequency on the Doppler shifting frequency and comparative study of relativistic and non- relativistic effect on growth rate are analyzed. The new results using subtracted bi-Maxwellian distribution function are found and discussed in relation to bi-Maxwellian distribution function. It is seen that the effective parameters for the generation of Whistler mode wave are not only the temperature anisotropy but also the relativistic factor, AC field frequency, amplitude of subtracted distribution and width of the loss-cone distribution function which has been discussed in result and discussion section.


Rama Pandey and Rajbir Kaur, "Generation of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Wave by Injection of COLD Electron for Relativistic and Non- Relativistic Subtracted BI-Maxwellian Distribution with Perpendicular AC Electric Field for Magnetosphere of Uranus," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 45, 337-352, 2012.


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