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Symmetrical Six-Port Waveguide Junction with Metallic Post and Dielectric Sleeve in Over -Sized Cavity

By Meysam Sabahialshoara and Swee Ping Yeo
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 46, 193-212, 2013


The Least-Squares Boundary Residual Method is employed in the present paper to develop a computer model of the symmetrical six-port waveguide junction. The analytical formulation is difficult because of the insertion of a metallic post together with a dielectric sleeve into the over-sized cavity of the junction. Computational and experimental tests confirm that the resultant model is able to compute (with numerical accuracies of ±0.001 and ±0.1° for magnitude and phase respectively) the scattering parameters of such a structurally-complicated component.


Meysam Sabahialshoara and Swee Ping Yeo, "Symmetrical Six-Port Waveguide Junction with Metallic Post and Dielectric Sleeve in Over -Sized Cavity," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 46, 193-212, 2013.


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