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Two-Channel Demultiplexer Based on 1D Photonic Star Waveguides Using Defect Resonators Modes

By Youssef Ben-Ali, Ilyass El Kadmiri, Amina Ghadban, Kamal Ghoumid, Abdelfattah Mazari, and Driss Bria
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 93, 131-149, 2021


In this work, we give a theoretical demonstration of the possibility to realize a photonic demultiplexer. The demultiplexer consists of Y-shaped waveguides with one input line and two output lines. We consider a demultiplexer composed of a segment and two asymmetric resonators, grafted at the same position in each channel. This system creates the resonance modes that have a maximum transmission rate and low Q quality factors. To improve these results, we take each output line consisting of a periodicity of segments and grafted at its extremities by a single resonator. Such a system creates passbands separated by band gaps. On the other hand, the presence of a resonator defect in the middle of each output line allows us to create defect modes inside the gaps. The results show that our proposed demultiplexer system manages to separate two incoming mixed signals of frequencies f1 = 204.75 MHz and f2 = 208.75 MHz and guide each one of them into two different channels.


Youssef Ben-Ali, Ilyass El Kadmiri, Amina Ghadban, Kamal Ghoumid, Abdelfattah Mazari, and Driss Bria, "Two-Channel Demultiplexer Based on 1D Photonic Star Waveguides Using Defect Resonators Modes," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 93, 131-149, 2021.


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