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Analysis of Shorting PIN Loaded Half Disk Patch Antenna for Wideband Operation

By Jamshed Ansari, Prabhakar Singh, Nagendra Prasad Yadav, and Babau Vishvakarma
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 6, 179-192, 2009


In the present paper the analysis of notch loaded shorted half disk patch is given. It is found that the bandwidth of the antenna depends inversely on the notch width whereas it is invariant with the notch length. Further antenna shows dual band behavior for a gap spacing below 7.5 mm in the gap coupled half disk shorted patch whereas it behaves as a wideband antenna for gap spacing more than 7.5 mm. Theoretical results are compared with simulated and experimental results.


Jamshed Ansari, Prabhakar Singh, Nagendra Prasad Yadav, and Babau Vishvakarma, "Analysis of Shorting PIN Loaded Half Disk Patch Antenna for Wideband Operation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 6, 179-192, 2009.


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