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Design of Reconfigurable Patch Antenna with a Switchable V-Slot

By Tariq Al-Maznaee and Hany Abd-El-Raouf
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 6, 145-158, 2009


In this paper we present the design of a novel Patch Antenna with Switchable V-Slot (PASVS) that resonates at two different frequencies. The antenna operates at the lower frequency when the switch is OFF and at the higher frequency when the switch is ON. This antenna is designed for special applictions which need small frequency ratio. The different effects of the feeding position, the slot location, and the slot length are invetigated in this paper. This investigation has been used to optimize the design of the PASVS antenna in terms of the return loss (RL), the bandwidth, the gain, and the required frequency ratio.


Tariq Al-Maznaee and Hany Abd-El-Raouf, "Design of Reconfigurable Patch Antenna with a Switchable V-Slot," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 6, 145-158, 2009.


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