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On-Chip Fgcpw Lowpass and Bandpass Filters with Low Insertion Loss and High Stopband Rejection for V-Band Applications

By Hwann-Kaeo Chiou and I-Shan Chen
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 13, 135-148, 2010


This paper presents compact on-chip finite ground coplanar waveguide (FGCPW) lowpass filter (LPF) and bandpass filter (BPF) for V-band multi gigabit per second (Gbps) wireless personal area network (WPAN) applications. The equivalent lumped-element circuit of the proposed filters can be represented by an ABCD matrix which is obtained by consecutively multiplied ABCD matrixes of one T-network impedance and two shunt admittances. The full-wave EM simulators, AnsoftTM HFSS and AgilentTM Momentum, were used to fine tune the desired frequency response. The FGCPW LPF and BPF were implemented in WINTM semiconductor 0.15 μm pHEMT process. The obtained insertion losses are smaller than 0.5 dB and 1.5 dB with return losses of better than 20 dB and 13 dB, respectively. The 1-dB bandwidths of the LPF and BPF are 70 GHz (0-70 GHz) and 11 GHz (55-66 GHz), respectively. The stopband rejections are better than 20 dB from 95 to 120 GHz in the LPF, and from 0 to 42 GHz and 82 to 120 GHz in the BPF. The measured frequency responses show good agreements with the simulations. The chip size is very compact of 0.43×0.45 mm2.


Hwann-Kaeo Chiou and I-Shan Chen, "On-Chip Fgcpw Lowpass and Bandpass Filters with Low Insertion Loss and High Stopband Rejection for V-Band Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 13, 135-148, 2010.


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