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Experimental Characterization of Nonlinear Pulses in Coupled Schottky Transmission Lines

By Koichi Narahara
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 21, 143-153, 2011


We experimentally investigate the properties of nonlinear pulses in coupled transmission lines with regularly spaced Schottky varactors. The c and π modes are different propagation modes that can be developed on a coupled line. Time-domain measurements show that both modes support soliton-like pulses due to the presence of the Schottky varactors; small c-mode pulses are generated by colliding two π-mode pulses traveling in opposite directions. Moreover, we discuss the relationship of the amplitude of the newly generated c-mode pulses with different bias voltages and π-mode-pulse amplitudes.


Koichi Narahara, "Experimental Characterization of Nonlinear Pulses in Coupled Schottky Transmission Lines," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 21, 143-153, 2011.


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