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Novel Wideband Multilayer Butler Matrix Using CB-CPW Technology

By Moez Ben Kilani, Mourad Nedil, Nahi Kandil, Mustapha Yagoub, and Tayeb Denidni
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 31, 1-16, 2012


This paper presents a novel design of a 4x4 two-layer wideband Butler matrix using a CB-CPW wideband multilayer directional coupler as well as a novel CB-CPW wideband elliptic directional coupler. With this configuration, the proposed matrix was designed to avoid crossovers as in conventional Butler matrices, thus reducing its size, losses and the design complexity while leading to a broad bandwidth of 3 GHz. To evaluate the performance of the proposed matrix, experimental prototypes of the directional elliptic coupler, the CB-CPW multilayer directional coupler and Butler matrix were fabricated and measured. Furthermore, a 4-element antenna array was connected to the matrix to form a beamforming antenna system at 5.8 GHz. As a result, four orthogonal beams were realized in the band 4.5-7.5 GHz.


Moez Ben Kilani, Mourad Nedil, Nahi Kandil, Mustapha Yagoub, and Tayeb Denidni, "Novel Wideband Multilayer Butler Matrix Using CB-CPW Technology," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 31, 1-16, 2012.


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