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Triode Magnetron Injection Gun for 132 GHz Gyrotron for 200 MHz Dnp-NMR Application

By Nitin Kumar, Udaybir Singh, and Ashok Kumar Sinha
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 45, 191-201, 2013


A 132 GHz gyrotron, operating at fundamental harmonic, is designed for the 200 MHz DNP-NMR experiment. In this article, the design of high quality electron beam source is presented. 2.5 dimensional code EGUN and 3 dimensional code CST-Particle Studio are used in the design and optimization of electron gun. The design of electron beam source is performed for a band of magnetic field values at the emitter surface and cavity center which is necessary for the frequency tunabilty of 2-3 GHz needed in DNP/NMR experiments. The results confirm the axial and transverse velocity spreads around 1% and 2.2% and a pitch factor of 1.5. The parametric analyses are also performed for the various electrical parameters such as emitter voltage, anode voltage, emitter magnetic field, etc.


Nitin Kumar, Udaybir Singh, and Ashok Kumar Sinha, "Triode Magnetron Injection Gun for 132 GHz Gyrotron for 200 MHz Dnp-NMR Application," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 45, 191-201, 2013.


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