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Compact Dual-Band MIMO Antenna with High Port Isolation for WLAN Applications

By Hao Qin and Yuan-Fu Liu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 49, 97-104, 2014


A compact dual-band MIMO antenna with high port isolation for WLAN applications is proposed. The proposed antenna is basically composed of two monopoles and designed at 2.4/5.2 GHz. High port isolation is achieved by introducing a T-shaped junction on the top surface of the substrate and etching two slots on the ground. The measured bandwidth of the proposed antenna are 2.34-2.55 GHz and 5.13-5.85 GHz, which are suitable for WLAN applications, and the measured isolation between the two monopoles is higher than 20 dB in both bands. Meanwhile, the envelope correlation coefficient of the antenna at both operating bands is lower than 0.001, which means that the antenna has high diversity gain. Good agreement is achieved between the predicted result and the measured data. The overall size of the proposed antenna is 38 mm×43 mm×1.6 mm.


Hao Qin and Yuan-Fu Liu, "Compact Dual-Band MIMO Antenna with High Port Isolation for WLAN Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 49, 97-104, 2014.


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