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Study of Cross-Slotted Circular Microstrip for Reflectarray Design

By Wai-Hau Ng, Eng Hock Lim, Fook-Loong Lo, and Kia-Hock Tan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 50, 11-19, 2014


In this paper, a circular microstrip patchcentrally etched with a cross slot is studied. The slot dimensions are varied for controlling the reflection lossand thephase range of a reflectarray. It is found that the dominant TM mode of the slotted circular patch can be easily excited, and the slot length can be varied to function as a phase-changing parameter. Cross slots with equal and unequal arms are investigated. Study shows that the slope of the S curve can be made slow-changing by increasing the slot width. A maximum reflection phase range of 328.68º is achievable in the S curve. Rectangular waveguide method has been deployedfor simulating and verifying the design idea. Reasonable agreement is found between the measurement and simulation.


Wai-Hau Ng, Eng Hock Lim, Fook-Loong Lo, and Kia-Hock Tan, "Study of Cross-Slotted Circular Microstrip for Reflectarray Design," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 50, 11-19, 2014.


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