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CPW-Fed UWB Compact Antenna for Multiband Applications

By Saira Joseph, Binu Paul, Shanta Mridula, and Pezholil Mohanan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 56, 29-38, 2015


A planar UWB antenna with added GSM 1800/WMTS and UMTS bands is presented. A CPW-fed circular patch is used to obtain wideband characteristic covering the UWB range. A novel slot formed by merging the alternate sides of a hexagon with isosceles triangles is inserted in the patch to obtain dual-band operation with the lower band suitable for GSM 1800 operation. By inserting a bent monopole in the space created by the slot, a triple-band antenna is developed with two lower bands suitable for WMTS and UMTS operation. The antenna prototype is fabricated and tested. Simulated and experimental results are in good agreement. The antenna exhibits stable radiation characteristics and nearly constant group delay in the UWB range.


Saira Joseph, Binu Paul, Shanta Mridula, and Pezholil Mohanan, "CPW-Fed UWB Compact Antenna for Multiband Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 56, 29-38, 2015.


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