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Multilayer Notch Loaded Antenna with Superstrate Layer of 90 Deg Tilted Elements for Wireless Communications

By Jai Verdhan Chauhan, Abhishek Kandwal, Pornanong Pongpaibool, and Siwaruk Siwamogsatham
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 63, 33-41, 2016


A multilayer notch-loaded antenna for dual-band (L & S) operation has been proposed in this paper for wireless communications. The antenna is multilayered with dielectric layers of FR4 and Rogers/Duroid. A superstrate layer has been introduced with square-shaped elements angled at 90 degrees to each other with an empty space just above the patch. The proposed structure of the antenna with superstrate layer is applicable to low frequency consecutive dual band operations. The antenna also shows very good radiation characteristics with a gain of more than 7.0 dB and side lobe levels reduced to a very good extent of around -20 dB.


Jai Verdhan Chauhan, Abhishek Kandwal, Pornanong Pongpaibool, and Siwaruk Siwamogsatham, "Multilayer Notch Loaded Antenna with Superstrate Layer of 90 Deg Tilted Elements for Wireless Communications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 63, 33-41, 2016.


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