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Integrated Filtering Antenna Based on D-CRLH Transmission Lines for Ultra-Compact Wireless Applications

By Mahmoud Abdelrahman Abdalla and Ahmed Fouad
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 66, 29-38, 2016


This paper presents an ultra-compact filtering integrated antenna for GPS (1.57 GHz) and LTE (2.65 GHz) applications. The antenna comprises integration between dual composite right/left-handed antenna and band stop filter in one platform. The whole integrated antenna size is only 30×28.5 mm2. Compared to conventional antenna with the same dimensions, the proposed antenna is only 6.5% at GPS band and 16.5% at LTE band. The deign procedures of individual antennas, bandstop filter and the filtering integrated antennas are explained in details. The full wave simulations supporting the design procedures and experimental measurements for all introduced components are introduced with good agreement. Finally, as a consequence of the proposed antenna ultra small size and its filtering capability, the antenna is a good candidate for implanted antenna applications.


Mahmoud Abdelrahman Abdalla and Ahmed Fouad, "Integrated Filtering Antenna Based on D-CRLH Transmission Lines for Ultra-Compact Wireless Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 66, 29-38, 2016.


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