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Low Frequency Behavior of CVD Graphene from DC to 40 GHz

By Rong Wang, Salahuddin Raju, Mansun Chan, and Li Jun Jiang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 71, 1-7, 2017


Electromagnetic behaviour of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) graphene at low frequencies is still a mystery. No conclusion is made from the experimental point of views. Here, we systematically investigate the electromagnetic response of graphene at microwave frequencies, which are from direct current (DC) to 40 GHz. Both a coplanar transmission line embedded with different-sized graphene akes of 48 × 48 and 48 × 240 um2 and a microwave termination based on the graphene sheet of 6 × 6 mm2 are manufactured through the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and standard microfabrication procedures. We conclude that graphene behaves as a frequency-independent surface resistance at the microwave frequencies, which is consistent with the theoretical model by rigorously solving the Maxwell's equations with the Kubo formula. The work offers a simple, accurate, and conclusive electromagnetic analysis to graphene and thus is of great help to design graphene incorporated microwave components and devices.


Rong Wang, Salahuddin Raju, Mansun Chan, and Li Jun Jiang, "Low Frequency Behavior of CVD Graphene from DC to 40 GHz ," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 71, 1-7, 2017.


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