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A Novel High-Gain Cavity Slot Antenna Based on Polarization Twist Reflector for High Power Microwave Applications

By Hong-Yin Zhang, Fu-Shun Zhang, and Fan Zhang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 76, 23-31, 2017


A novel high-gain and high-power cavity slot antenna is presented in this paper. The antenna consists of a slotted cavity cover, a driven antenna and a polarization twist reflector. The driven antenna is a balanced-fed dipole. And a 2×4 slots array is etched on the top surface of the cavity cover. To excite the cavity slots with uniform amplitude and phase, the polarization twist reflector is used here. Compared with the antenna without the twister, the gain is improved by almost 4.0 dB across the operating band. In addition, the field distributions of the proposed antenna are analyzed through simulation, which proves a high power-handling capacity of 3.94 MW. To verify the design, a prototype operating at 5.8 GHz bands has been fabricated and measured. The measured maximum gain and radiation efficiency are 13.6 dBi and 95%, respectively.


Hong-Yin Zhang, Fu-Shun Zhang, and Fan Zhang, "A Novel High-Gain Cavity Slot Antenna Based on Polarization Twist Reflector for High Power Microwave Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 76, 23-31, 2017.


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