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Further Wideband RCS Reduction on Metasurface by Introducing a Phasor Interference Element

By Tong Han, Xiang-Yu Cao, and Jun Gao
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 76, 139-147, 2017


A novel method for further wideband RCS reduction on metasurface (MS) is proposed in this paper. By introducing a phasor interference element to the original MS composed of two elements, RCS of the proposed MS constructed by three elements can be further remarkably decreased in broadband. The measurement procedure on scattering performances of samples is conducted in an anechoic chamber, in which the experimental results indicate that the proposed MS can achieve further 3-dB RCS reduction from 6.94GHz to 15.35GHz compared to the original MS, and the maximum further reduction reaches 24.9dB. As a result, compared with a same-size metallic plate illuminated by a normal plane wave, RCS of the proposed MS can be reduced by more than 8.5-dB from 6.68GHz to 15.38GHz with the relative bandwidth of 78.9%.


Tong Han, Xiang-Yu Cao, and Jun Gao, "Further Wideband RCS Reduction on Metasurface by Introducing a Phasor Interference Element," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 76, 139-147, 2017.


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