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Prediction of Electromagnetic Interference Between Antennas on Vehicles

By Jiawei Zang, Xuetian Wang, and Hongmin Gao
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 78, 11-18, 2017


A simple but efficient method is investigated for predicting electromagnetic interference between antennas on vehicles. By modeling the vehicle body with a conducting wedge, the geometrical optics and uniform theory of diffraction are used to predict the interference power. Comparisons show that the interference power can be accurately predicted with only four dominating rays taken into account. The presented method is validated by measurements in typical environments. A further investigation of various parameters considered in predictions is also presented. Based on the proposed method, the interference power can be easily predicted just in MATLAB instead of the time-consuming full-wave simulation of the entire large-scale structure.


Jiawei Zang, Xuetian Wang, and Hongmin Gao, "Prediction of Electromagnetic Interference Between Antennas on Vehicles," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 78, 11-18, 2017.


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