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A 2.45 GHz ISM Band CPW Rectenna for Low Power Levels

By Jerome Riviere, Alexandre Douyere, Shailendra Oree, and Jean-Daniel Lan Sun Luk
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 77, 101-110, 2017


This paper presents the design and fabrication of a coplanar waveguide (CPW) rectenna using a sequential modular approach. The rectenna is printed on high permittivity, low-loss board ARLON AD1000 (εr = 10.35 and tanδ = 0.0023 @ 10 GHz). The recti er section is realized with a single reverse-biased schottky diode SMS-7630 in reverse topology for which a diode model is obtained at -20 dBm for frequencies F0 = 2.45 GHz and 2F0= 4.9 GHz. The low-pass lter and the impedance matching are synthesized from passive CPW structures. Co-simulation technique is used to overcome CPW simulation limitation and to integrate the diode characteristic. The antenna consists of a circular slot loop antenna with stub matching such that its input impedance is close to 50 Ω. The goal of this work is to design a rectifier to simplify and speed up the fabrication process of a rectenna array. We reduced the number of processes to etch the rectifier on the board and minimized the number of lumped elements. At -20 dBm, simulation of the rectifier with an ideal impedance matching network shows rectification at 2.45 GHz with efficiency of 12.8%. The rectifier and rectenna shows efficiency of approximately 10% at an operating frequency of 2.48 GHz.


Jerome Riviere, Alexandre Douyere, Shailendra Oree, and Jean-Daniel Lan Sun Luk, "A 2.45 GHz ISM Band CPW Rectenna for Low Power Levels," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 77, 101-110, 2017.


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