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Dynamic Thermal Processes in Ultra-High-Speed Microgenerators for UAV

By Flur Rashitovich Ismagilov, Viacheslav Vavilov, and Denis Gusakov
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 79, 65-77, 2017


The paper presents a study of dynamic thermal processes in ultra-high-speed microgenerators power of 55 W with the rotational speed of 800,000 rpm for UAV. A large-scale study of current works devoted to this topic were done where the main shortcomings were identified. A mathematical description of heat exchange processes in microelectromechanical energy converters with a flight time of no more than 10 minutes was developed in a non-stationary formulation. A study of the thermal state of the microgenerator operating in a short-term mode without a special cooling system is conducted. An experimental study of the heating dynamics of its active parts is carried out using the method of physical analogies. On the basis of experimental studies, the FEMM model is verified. Afterwards, combined electromagnetic and thermal calculations of microgenerator are conducted.


Flur Rashitovich Ismagilov, Viacheslav Vavilov, and Denis Gusakov, "Dynamic Thermal Processes in Ultra-High-Speed Microgenerators for UAV," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 79, 65-77, 2017.


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