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Development of an Improved Response Ultra-Wideband Antenna Based on Conductive Adhesive of Carbon Composite

By Erick Reyes-Vera, Mauricio Arias-Correa, Andres Giraldo-Muno, Daniel Catano-Ochoa, and Juan Santa-Marin
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 79, 199-208, 2017


Ultra-wideband (UWB) antennas have advantages such as high data rates, improved multipath resistance and lower power consumption. In this work, UWB patch antennas based on electrically conductive adhesive were manufactured with a simple technique and evaluated in the laboratory. Results showed that the thickness of the samples ranged from 207 to 261 μm. The bandwidth optimization obtained was 200% compared to a traditional copper-layer antenna. UWB antennas showed an average bandwidth of 8.558 GHz in the region 609 MHz to 9.105 GHz. The antennas covered the whole of UHF band, L band, S band, C band and part of X band. Finally, the proposed technique allows reducing the size of patch by 70% for low frequencies of operation, while achieving a similar performance.


Erick Reyes-Vera, Mauricio Arias-Correa, Andres Giraldo-Muno, Daniel Catano-Ochoa, and Juan Santa-Marin, "Development of an Improved Response Ultra-Wideband Antenna Based on Conductive Adhesive of Carbon Composite," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 79, 199-208, 2017.


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