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A Wideband Frequency Selective Surface Reflector for 4G/X-Band/Ku-Band
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 81, 151-159, 2018
A Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) reflector with wideband response for 4G/X-band/Ku-band is proposed. The wideband FSS reflector consists of cascaded dual-layer patch FSS which is etched on separate layers of FR4 substrate. The targeted frequency range is 5-16 GHz. A wide stopband of 10.4 GHz (100% percent bandwidth) is obtained with two layers in cascade. The Equivalent Circuit (EC) method is used to approximate the simulated results. An extensive parametric study is also carried out to understand the effect of various combinations of FSS layers and their disposition. A panel of final FSS is fabricated where measured and simulated results agree well.
Sarika, Malay Ranjan Tripathy, and Daniel Ronnow, "A Wideband Frequency Selective Surface Reflector for 4G/X-Band/Ku-Band," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 81, 151-159, 2018.

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