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Surface Plasmon Effects and Resonance State on Square Lattice of Metallic Photonic Crystals and Defect Mode in h Polarization

By Khee Lam Low, Mohd Zubir Mat Jafri, Sohail A. Khan, and Donald G. S. Chuah
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 83, 45-56, 2018


The surface plasmon effect in metallic photonic crystals has been investigated. Band structure graph is the only graph that can be used to explain the characteristics of photonic crystals. In this work, band structure graphs have been used to describe these characteristics, which include the surface plasmon effect of photonic crystals. Recently, band structure graphs for frequency-dependent materials have been analyzed by several researchers. The surface plasmon effect has been found for these materials. This article reports the effect of surface plasmons which cause resonance state in the metallic photonic crystals when the relative permittivity is changed from band structure graphs. The numerical results from the commercial software show the magnetic field distribution of waves on the normal photonic crystals, and defect mode is added for each frequency.


Khee Lam Low, Mohd Zubir Mat Jafri, Sohail A. Khan, and Donald G. S. Chuah, "Surface Plasmon Effects and Resonance State on Square Lattice of Metallic Photonic Crystals and Defect Mode in h Polarization," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 83, 45-56, 2018.


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