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Electromagnetic Filters Based on a Single Negative Photonic Comb-Like Structure

By Youssef Ben-Ali, Zakaria Tahri, and Driss Bria
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 92, 41-56, 2019


This work describes a theoretical study of filters using a defect in one-dimensional photonic comb-like structure. This photonic comb-like structure is constituted by finite or infinite segments which have negative permeability and grafted in each site by a finite number of lateral branches (play the role of the resonators), which consists of a negative permittivity. Numerical results exhibit the permissible bands which are separated by gaps (forbidden band). These gaps originate not only from the periodicity of the system but also from the resonance states of the grafted lateral branches. We study the effect of the presence of a resonator defect on the transmission behavior, phase, and phase time. The electromagnetic band structure shows that there is a defect mode in the gap. The transmission rate and the reduced frequency of this mode are related to the variation of defect length. Similarly, we calculate, for the first time, the quality factor evolution of this defect mode when the defect length varies. This structure can be used as a new optical filter in the microwave range with a high factor of quality and of transmission.


Youssef Ben-Ali, Zakaria Tahri, and Driss Bria, "Electromagnetic Filters Based on a Single Negative Photonic Comb-Like Structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 92, 41-56, 2019.


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