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Planar UWB MIMO-Diversity Antenna with Dual Notch Characteristics

By Kamel Salah Sultan and Haythem Hussein Abdullah
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 93, 119-129, 2019


This paper introduces a novel MIMO UWB antenna with dual notches. The proposed antenna is based on Quasi Self Complementary (QSC) method to give wide impedance bandwidth from 2.4 GHz to more than 12 GHz. The proposed antenna consists of a semi-elliptical patch that is fed by a tapered microstrip line. The antenna is designed on an FR-4 substrate with compact size 20 mm × 15 mm × 1.5 mm. The dual notched bands are achieved by using a square ring printed on the bottom of the substrate to reject WiMAX at 3.6 GHz. Also, a C-shaped slot is etched in the radiating patch to reject interference with the WLAN band at 5.8 GHz. In the proposed MIMO antenna, the isolation reduction is achieved utilizing diversity technique to minimize the mutual coupling between the antennas. The isolation between MIMO elements is more than 20 dB. The envelope correlation coefficient (ECC), diversity gain (DG), total active reflection coefficient (TARC), furthermore, channel capacity loss (CCL) are measured and calculated. The proposed antenna is designed, simulated, and measured. A good agreement is shown between the experimental and simulated results.


Kamel Salah Sultan and Haythem Hussein Abdullah, "Planar UWB MIMO-Diversity Antenna with Dual Notch Characteristics," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 93, 119-129, 2019.


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