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Simulations of Ionospheric Behavior Driven by HF Radio Waves at the Initial Stage

By Jing Chen, Qingliang Li, Yubo Yan, Haiqin Che, Guanglin Ma, and Guang Yuan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 95, 153-166, 2019


This study explores the variability in the electric field, plasma number density, and plasma velocity driven by high-frequency (HF) radio wave injected into the vertically stratified ionosphere at a millisecond time scale after switch-on of the radio transmitter. It was found that the modeconversion process of electromagnetic (EM) waves took place at the reflection heights of both the R-X (right-circularly polarized extraordinary wave, R-X) and L-O (left-circularly polarized ordinary wave, L-O) modes. The ionospheric electron number density was remarkably oscillatory. A depletion of ionospheric ion number density at the L-O mode turning point and two ion number density peaks on each side of the O-mode reflection region were discovered. The turbulent layer of the ion density peak at the bottom of the critical height shifted downwards, which qualitatively conforms to the observations made at the Areciboand the EISCAT. The vertical electron velocity oscillated near the L-O mode reflection point. The vertical ion velocity remained positive above the reflection height of the L-O mode and remained negative below this height. These results, which were derived using realistic length scales, ion masses, pump waves, and other plasma parameters, are consistent with theoretical predictions and prior experimental observations, and should thus be useful for understanding the linear and nonlinear interactions between the HF EM wave and the ionospheric plasma at the initial stage.


Jing Chen, Qingliang Li, Yubo Yan, Haiqin Che, Guanglin Ma, and Guang Yuan, "Simulations of Ionospheric Behavior Driven by HF Radio Waves at the Initial Stage," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 95, 153-166, 2019.


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