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Effect of Temperature on the Properties of Omnidirectional Mirror One Dimensional Photonic Crystal

By Olfa Nasri, Jihene Zaghdoudi, and Mounir Kanzari
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 120, 145-157, 2022


In this work, we present numerical results regarding the effects of temperature on the omnidirectional photonic band gap (OPBG) of ternary 1DPC containing metal (Ag) layer or graphene layer. By periodically introducing layer metal (Ag) or graphene into 1DPC, the width of OPBG has been increased. As the temperature increases, the photonic band gap of the OPBG becomes wider. Compared to the conventional OPBG in ternary 1DPC containing Ag, the OPBG in 1DPC containing graphene with temperature T = 1000˚K is greatly broadened by 2.04 times. The theoretical basis of our study adopts the transfer matrix method TMM. In fact, these broad omnidirectional and thermally tunable OPBGs will offer many prospects for omnidirectional mirrors, temperature sensing device, optical filters, polarizer, and other optical devices.


Olfa Nasri, Jihene Zaghdoudi, and Mounir Kanzari, "Effect of Temperature on the Properties of Omnidirectional Mirror One Dimensional Photonic Crystal," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 120, 145-157, 2022.


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