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Slotted Patch Based Multiband Antenna with Multiple DGS Effect to Suppress Cross Polarized Radiation

By Rajib Kumar Dash, Puspendu Bikash Saha, and Dibyendu Ghoshal
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 120, 179-193, 2022


A defected ground structure (DGS) loaded slotted patch antenna is proposed in this article to achieve multiband response with minimization of cross polar radiations in both the radiation planes. Besides, the antenna in this work achieves reduction in cross polar radiation at all its resonating bands with a simple inset feeding mechanism. Loading of identical U-shaped slots in the patch helps the antenna to achieve dual resonance characteristics and also leads to minimize the orthogonal E-field components. Along with the slotted patch, implementation of DGS results in multiple current paths leading to additional resonances in lower frequency range and also suppresses the strong leakage current in the ground plane. Moreover, three identical slots are loaded at the edges of the ground which balance the strong E-field components in opposite direction improving the reflection coefficient at the different resonating bands. The proposed antenna achieves multi-resonance characteristics operated in 2.44-2.56, 5.45-5.52, 6-6.13, 7.43-8.04, and 8.99-9.17 GHz. Minimization of orthogonal E-field components and suppression of leakage current are responsible for obtaining minimum cross polar radiation from the antenna as -39.08 and -41.01 dB in E- and H-planes, respectively.


Rajib Kumar Dash, Puspendu Bikash Saha, and Dibyendu Ghoshal, "Slotted Patch Based Multiband Antenna with Multiple DGS Effect to Suppress Cross Polarized Radiation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 120, 179-193, 2022.


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