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Empirical Mixing Model for the Electromagnetic Modelling of on-Chip Interconnects

By Sonia M. Holik, John M. Arnold, and Timothy David Drysdale
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 26, 1-9, 2011


We present an empirical mixing model for rectangular cuboid metal inclusions in a host dielectric, suitable for replacing the detailed structure of a layer of on-chip interconnects with a homogeneous dielectric slab. Such an approximation is required to facilitate the accurate and efficient package-level electromagnetic modelling of complicated miniaturised systems, such as System-in-Package. Without such an approach, the direct inclusion of large areas of on-chip interconnect structures often results in intractable computation times. Our model allows us to predict the reflection (transmission) coefficient of impinging plane waves to within 3.5% (0.2%) error for incident angles up to 30o off-normal, aspect ratios 0.6-3, metal fill factors 0.3-0.6, and host dielectric constants 1-11.7, over the frequency range 1-10 GHz.


Sonia M. Holik, John M. Arnold, and Timothy David Drysdale, "Empirical Mixing Model for the Electromagnetic Modelling of on-Chip Interconnects," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 26, 1-9, 2011.


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