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Study on Shimming Method for Open Permanent Magnet of MRI

By Ziyan Ren, Dexin Xie, and Huixiang Li
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 6, 23-34, 2009


The shimming method used for producing high field homogeneity of the open permanent main magnet for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is researched in this paper. The central shimming method based on integer programming is proposed, which fulfills the combination of optimal theory and the practical manual shimming. The formulation of shimming is solved by using Lingo software and the numerical analysis method is used to compute the contribution of small shim arrays. The homogeneity of imaging region is eventually advanced nearly by 50%.The validity of the method is validated by using simulation test of shimming. The efficiency of shimming is improved through experiment corporated with the manufacturing enterprise.


Ziyan Ren, Dexin Xie, and Huixiang Li, "Study on Shimming Method for Open Permanent Magnet of MRI," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 6, 23-34, 2009.


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