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Estimation and Measurement of Biological Tissues Using Optical Simulation Method

By G. Jagajothi and Singaravelu Raghavan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 6, 155-165, 2009


This paper mainly deals with the optical properties of biological tissues that are measured using laser reflectometry method. The result is compared with the phantom and simulation values to get accurate result. The surface Backscattering was determined by laser reflectometry. The tissue equivalent phantom would be prepared with the help of white paraffin wax mixed with various colour pigments in multiple proportions. A familiar Monte Carlo Simulation is used for the analysis of the optical properties of the tissue. The normalized backscattered intensity (NBI) signals from the tissue surface, measured by the output probes after digitization are used to reconstruct the reflectance images of tissues in various layers below the skin surface. This method was useful to trace the abnormal in the tissue.


G. Jagajothi and Singaravelu Raghavan, "Estimation and Measurement of Biological Tissues Using Optical Simulation Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 6, 155-165, 2009.


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