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Determination the Material Parameters for Arbitrary Cloak Based on Poisson's Equation

By Jia-Jun Ma, Xiang-Yu Cao, Kan-Min Yu, and Tao Liu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 9, 177-184, 2009


We propose a general method to determine the material parameters for arbitrary shapes of cloak based on the Poisson's equation to map the coordinate transformation. As a result, we can obtain the diverse deformation material properties and then the field distribution. This method, compared with the previous technique presented in literature, can determine the countless transformation forms, so it may provide the opportunity to choose the optimization transformation and the material parameter map which is easily to be fabricated using the metamaterial technology.


Jia-Jun Ma, Xiang-Yu Cao, Kan-Min Yu, and Tao Liu, "Determination the Material Parameters for Arbitrary Cloak Based on Poisson's Equation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 9, 177-184, 2009.


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