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Evaluation of Mutual Coupling Between Slots from Dipole Expressions

By Sandeepak S. Kakatkar and Kamla Prasan Ray
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 9, 123-138, 2009


Two closed form approximations are given for mutual coupling between arbitrarily oriented slots with cosinusoidal distribution, using the known results for dipoles along with a new correction factor to account for the piecewise sinusoidal dipole current. Using these approximations, a scheme has been developed for calculating mutual coupling between practically used slots of arbitrary orientation and useful results are obtained from simple closed form expressions for slot separation of 1.2 × slot length or more depending upon the approximation chosen and the length of the slot. These approximations are found to be more accurate than those available in the literature, with a maximum error of less than 1.6% for slots shorter than 0.5 wavelength and separated by 0.85 × wavelength or more. Simple yet accurate expressions for mutual coupling, like the point dipole approximation developed here, result in efficient evaluation of mutual coupling for the design of large arrays of slots or for Electromagnetic Compatibility analysis.


Sandeepak S. Kakatkar and Kamla Prasan Ray, "Evaluation of Mutual Coupling Between Slots from Dipole Expressions," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 9, 123-138, 2009.


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