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Curved Fiber Scattering

By Sharhabeel Alyones and Charles W. Bruce
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 17, 225-236, 2011


Extinction and backscattering from thin curved fibers of finite conductivity are computed by solving the Pocklington integro-differential equation using the Moment Method with point matching scheme. For simplicity of interpretation these computations were performed at long wavelengths, in the Drude domain. The effect of the degree of curvature on the cross sections is examined for high and low fiber conductivities, and for two incident geometries: normal and parallel to the plane of the curved fiber. The computations show a narrowing and decreasing cross sections with increased fiber curvature for both low and high conductivities. The normal geometry produces larger cross sections than the parallel case.


Sharhabeel Alyones and Charles W. Bruce, "Curved Fiber Scattering," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 17, 225-236, 2011.


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