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Analysis on Transmission Efficiency of Wireless Energy Transmission Resonator Based on Magnetic Resonance

By Jaewon Choi and Chulhun H. Seo
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 19, 221-237, 2011


In this paper, a high-efficiency wireless energy transmission via magnetic resonance is experimentally implemented in a resonator with the various sizes of transmitting and receiving coils and the receiving coil having two shapes of rectangular and circular types. The transmission efficiency is analyzed by varying the transmission distance. The resonance between the transmitting and receiving coils is achieved with lumped capacitors terminating the coils. The transmission efficiency of the resonator consisting of a circular transmitting coil with a diameter of 60 cm and rectangular receiving coil with a one side length of 10 cm is about 80% at the transmission distance of 20 cm. The transmission efficiencies of the wireless energy transmission resonator consisting of a receiving coil with the size of iPhone4 are about 75% and 40% at the transmission distances of 20 cm and 50 cm.


Jaewon Choi and Chulhun H. Seo, "Analysis on Transmission Efficiency of Wireless Energy Transmission Resonator Based on Magnetic Resonance," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 19, 221-237, 2011.


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